Things I Do Not Miss

Things I Never Miss:

1. Events like the Secretary's Day party at the Prairie Capital Convention Center.
It's now called the Office Professionals Day Party or something and there's a mechanical bull but back in the day, when me and my girls were rockin' it Springtucky-style, it was pure mayhem of local radio djs and ex-boyfriends and many, many domestic bottles of beer.
All of the department-store-business-clothing-wearin' folks in Springfield would turn out at 5 for this party, at the PCC, and mostly they would drink heavily.
In fact, I don't remember there being anything to actually do except to drink and avoid your ex-boyfriend while you tried to look like you were different by going home and changing into something slutty from Express, something that you (and by 'you', I mean 'me') were still paying for via MasterCard until last year.
I don't miss that.

2. Living in a fucked up, shitty apartment.
Not that it's all great and everything where I am now because nothing is perfect but I mean... come on.
When I tell people where I live now, they don't shiver visibly like they did when I would drop my old neighborhood.
I don't miss the gunfire or the creeps walking down the street and doing the crystal meth twitch-step.
I haven't had a nightmare in a really long time.

3. Being dogless, I don't miss.
I love my dog, even when she's bad and she eats my friend's gum that was carefully removed to eat some pretzels and that was slated for return to the mouth.
She's cute and sweet and people love her.
At the Homeless Park, when I throw the ball for her and she catches it in her mouth, there is an ancient East Indian guy who laughs and say, "Ahhhh T-ank you!"
"T-ank you!"
He just loves it when she does that.
When I put her in the car for me and she hangs out the window and we're in traffic, she makes people smile.
Driving in traffic sucks but then you see a cute dog loving life from the passenger seat and you know, maybe it's not so bad.

4. Alcoholism - yours, that is.
Some people defined themselves with their substance abuse and they were proud of that.
Or they hated themselves so much that they decided to prove the loathing.
I donít miss being around that stuff.
Sure, I've been drunk a couple of times this year on Saturday nights when everything was done and I was within walking distance but manÖ. I do not miss the mess.
It's fake-complicated and most thigns are difficult enough that they donít need to be slurred around.

arizonasarah at 3:35 p.m.

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