Pet Championship

I'm at the grocery store last Friday and in the produce section, I see a little thing of grass growing - barley grass and wheatgrass.
The label says "Pet Grass."
Natch, I assume that it's grass grown specifically for your poets because, yeah, I do shop at the pretentious wealthy liberal grocery store.
I'm sure everyone is all shocked about that.

I get home and I'm all, "Animals? Sweet pets? Look how much I love you!!! I got your guys some grass! To eat! No longer do you need to chew on Tucson scrub when I take you for a walk, Rosie! And Grace, I'm going to put the plant right next to your food bowl so you can chew on it any old time you want to and you don't have to gnaw on the nasty crap that barely manages to grow in the ally! I am the BEST pet-owner, EVER, right!?!?!??!!!"

Then I'm standing there in the kitchen, marveling at how wonderful I am to have the foresight to notice that my pets do chew on outside grasses and I have now solved their dietary need with a healthy, organic substitute.

And I'm looking at the label, in its very cute font and I'm thinking, "Grass! It's so easy! I bet people use this for smoothies and stuff!!"

And then I'm thinking "Pet grass! Like it's a pet only it doesn't need to be walked and it doesn't kill things or poo!"

And I realize that the grass I bought with so much love for my four-legged darlings isn't really grass for pets so much as it is 'Pet Grass.'

Like a Pet Rock.

Anyway, it's growing like crazy and I feed it to my pets and everyone is very happy with the grass for pets.

In other news, I am a Champion.
The Furious Truckstop Waitresses won handily our championship game on Saturday.

This makes me so proud, I can hardly even stand it.
It made me think about how hard I have worked in derby and how the little heart-breaks and doubts and unbelievable amount of pressure I have put on myself to perform really, truly paid off at the highest level possible for me at this time.
I did it.
We won and I was in it, playing the game and being so much on my team that I can't even remember what life was like before the FTW.

I'll write a lot about derby when I'm done with it and I know I write about it... never.
Suffice it to say, derby and being on FTW has taught me things and moved things in me that I really didn't think I had.

I've been down lately, no doubt about it. It's possible that there is something wrong with me but it's increasingly likely that I am just a person with a very delicate system - one that doesn't tolerate stress or ibuprofen or Tylenol or sugar or even a lot of water in a given length of time.

I have to say though that winning that game brought me to a new level though.

It's a deep, deep feeling to be on my team and to be a part of all this, learning what I'm learning not only about the sport but about my own ability, patterns, and ability to be a partner with unequivocal loyalty and faith that no matter what, anything - ANYTHING - is possible if you work hard enough for it to happen.

Love and derby,
~sunni sideup

arizonasarah at 3:13 p.m.

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