I Must Have Hit My Head

I'm sitting at my desk, rocking out with Kansas and not really giving a shit about how dude-cliché that scene is.
I love that song and when it comes on my sneaky, under-desk radio, I pump my fist in the air and curl my lip and even head-bang a little; "Carry on oh wayward son! There'll be peace when you are done! Lay your weary head to rest ! Don't you cry no more...
No more...."

I'm crying right now though.
I got hurt in a literal way and by hurt, I mean my head slammed onto the track last night in a way that made people come up to me later and be all, "That was really loud. OMYGAWD-THAT-WAS-YOUR-HEAD?????????"
It was my head.
Helmets work. I have no concussion and in fact, I'm feeling a little more mentally jaunty than I have in weeks, a little clearer, light-hearted even. Maybe I needed to get smacked upside the head. I mean, it's no good to be going like 20mph and hit another chick going that fast and fall in such a way that your head bounces off the track but I guess if it all turns out okay than you can't look back and be afraid.

I will honestly admit that my back is fucked up so much that I finally made My First Chiro Appointment.
I'm gonna get cracked.
This has been going on for some time now - just too many hits and falls and a really old injury spasming up have made me feel like I can't move or work it out myself, especially with winter on the way and how much stiffer a body is when it's cold outside than during the heat of summer.
I'm going to give chiro the old college try because nothing sounds sweeter to me than to have a month off of hitting and instead, get my back heated up and my spine crunched back into place.
God I need to lie down now.

Speaking of Jesus, and things a person might do if she had a head injury, I'm going to Gethsemane in a month.
Yo, for reals.
I've never been back, in all this time and now, I'll be there in exactly one month. Springfield.

One month.
That's soon and I'm excited. Hopefully, I'll be able to stand up straight by then instead of having to bend over like some post-modern, female Quasimodo and I'll be able to sleep on a bed instead of like right now, where the most comfortable thing I can imagine is a very flat board that would allow my spine to root in from stem to stern and remain perfectly flat for 7.5 hours each night. And I'd like to be able to turn my head by then because right now? My neck muscles are only allowing about 30 degrees of swivel in each direction. Ouch.

Okay, I'm off to get my Vachel Lindsay on - the love-hate master with Springfield as his mistress. If it was real-time, I would challenge Vachel to a show-down dual of who can be more pathetic in poetic discourse about Springfield. Jesus. Gethsemane. Frightful falls. And the gym. I forgot to mention that I am into the gym again. I'm totally whaling on my pecs all the time so I can be ultra-buff for my trip home.

arizonasarah at 2:53 p.m.

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