Three Things

A few things to note:

1. I used to be really into The Violent Femmes, in the time before cds and The Clintons. Thinking about my best friend in junior high and high school the other day made me think of The Violent Femmes and that made me spend a whole lot of money at iTunes yesterday. Now, I am having some serious joy streaming into my ears and it's putting me in a remarkably good mood. I've got this whole playlist going, with the Violent Femmes (Nonnie Wildride), Pixies (also Annmarie), They Might Be Giants (Jill), The Dead Milkmen (Cynthia), Descendents (Jason Gleason), and Poi Dog Pondering (ChelCsa Dillava). This music brings me back to all the good times, before anyone was doing drugs, before children and boyfriends and distance. I don't want to go back to being a kid but I am sure happy to have finally gotten to a place where I can enjoy the memories and appreciate the enormous innocence of Springfield, college, and Skank Skates.
I am having SO MUCH FUN WITH MUSIC today!

2. I am the healthiest person in my office. We had a health fair today with little screenings and stuff. I was basically last in line and when they professionals were going over my results with me they said, "Wow.
Wait. How old are you?"
"I'll be 34 in a couple of months."
"Most people screw up their cholesterol and glucose by then and yours are... well, let's just say you're our 'winner' for the day."
I am not sure how to spread the word that I am the healthiest person around to the rest of my office when I can be found eating Slim Fast and Jelly Bellys at my desk for breakfast every day but fact is fact.
And the fact is that I am the healthiest person here.

3. I still miss my Gracer cat a lot. I've never not had a cat, in my entire life, except for when I lived in the dorms.
It's a strange household for me to have a dog and only a dog.
But that's not the point of this item.
What I was going to write about was this call I got yesterday about my cat.
My friend Jill was kind enough to take an hour in an afternoon a couple of weeks ago to put up fliers I'd made advertising to please call me if you see my cat.
I got a tearful call from an elderly lady yesterday:
"Did you find your cat, honey?"
"No. I miss her a lot."
"Well, I have your flier here and it's just heart-breaking. My little Blackie went missing last year and I just wanted to call you and tell you I am thinking about you and your beautiful white cat."
I spontaneously burst into tears while I was listening to her. I mean, it's not uncommon for me to cry or anything. I am a sweaty, teary person by nature but this broke my heart into a million tiny globular leaky pieces.
and then I was thinking about how I miss my cat but how important the Ripple Effect is.
One small act, Jill putting up fliers when I was too upset to do it, touched someone so much that she reached out to a stranger to commiserate.
That's important somehow.

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