Brian Wilson

Vacation is what I need.
It's all I want.

So much so, that I am taking Fourth of July Weekend to charge a Wii and pretend like life is standard.

I'm also getting a cat and his name is currently Jayne but in his new life with me and Rosie, he'll be Brian Wilson.

I want a cat to balance out the intense energy that both me and my dog bring to my home and I want a dude cat because there is nothing, NOTHING that has to do with male energy anywhere in my life.

I drive a car that looks like a piece of candy.
I spend far too much time in the all-female world of roller derby.
I work with women and have no male friends.

I miss men. I miss being really close to someone. While I was/am whatever with someone, we do not see each other enough to call this a relationship anymore. There are some other things and a distinct possibility that I am wrong but I'm not going into any of that here - it's boring and it's evolving so I see no reason to call it out as anything. When my home season ends in August, we'll see more about what we're doing or not doing but for now, I am the one driving the commitment and frankly, I can't drive it right now. I'm too involved in my prior commitments to my sport and to my work.

If I thought dropping everything would in the name of love would change the things that need to change, I would do it in a heartbeat but for now, this is the right choice - to finish out what I started elsewhere with others and then deal with this fragile relationship or lack thereof.

In the meantime, I'm committing to spending money I don't have and getting another pet that will shed all up in my bed and all over the carpet.

It's gonna be great!

Iím not kiddingÖ itís all going to be oooohhhkaaaay.

arizonasarah at 12:21 p.m.

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