I'm not flying high on Robitussin anymore.
I'm still fairly optomistic about the New Year, new start bullshit but I have to be honest; since the sweet haze of cough syrup has worn off, I've managed to get salad dressing in my eye and find out that I have to have a reveiw at the end of the month.
Honestly, it's a bit of a challange to be pie-in-the-sky when raspberry vinaigrette is stinging you and when you know that in a few short weeks, you'll feel as low and aweful about your job performanbce as you ever have felt in your life.
On the flip side, a review could mean a raise and by golly, I am going to try to get one.
For the next few weeks, expect to see long lists of accomplishments, graceful admissions of failures, and practice speeches as to why I am deserving of a hefty increase.
And cross your fingers, or talk to God, or whatever it is that you do because, without disclosing too much, 2004 ended in a bad way. There was an incident, it will be at least as costly as it has been demoralizing. I can't divulge much here - well, I choose not to - but I am going to need that raise and a heck of a lot of hope to take care of this situation in the best possible way.
A miracle would be right-on righteous but let's be realistic and settle for the best possible outcome, lessons learned, and the inspiration to carry myself well through the resolution stage of this issue.

arizonasarah at 1:10 p.m.

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