See Ya

I think I have lost my debit card for the third time in less than as many months.
This one has to be in my house somewhere, though, because I used it and then CAME HOME on Saturday and I used it at a machine where you swipe, as opposed to insert, your card. That bitch never left my shaking little fingers, so it must be somewhere in the hizzouse.
Unfortunately, I am too much of a stoner to know where in the hell I put it. Did I say stoner?
I meant something else.
I meant that I was at a party and some people were doing grass and I got a contact high Friday night, so I must have been really out of it when I lost my stupid THIRD debit card.
It's the magic number.
3 pm.
It's one hour until I am out of here.
My heart's not in it. I keep day-dreaming about weird scenarios, like the really hot dream I had last night and about what I am going to cook for dinner because I am damn hungry and I have all weekend to hang out in my house.
Maybe even finding my debit card.
I have a book ready to rock, I have clean comfy pants, I have cleaning supplies, and I have a well-stocked fridge.
As far as I know, I'm not going out this weekend - CrushBot is having some "visitor". Said "visitor" had better not be an ex-girlfriend with whom he has unfinished issues and who has come to town to proclaim her undying and perfect love. She's probably tall, blond, and has bigger boobies than I do.
And I bet she make more money. Mostly because, well, who doesn't; but also because I just know that this chick is here to take my man away from me and I have news for her.
We have dinner plans for next week.
You know it's kind of funny - I don't expect to hear from him this weekend and I'm generally doing the best I can with that. Often times, we don't return calls immediately. For example, if I have a message on Tuesday, it may be Wednesday or Thursday before I call back. It's not a game at this point, it's just the rhythm of our thang. But when Aaron was visiting, I left a funny message for CrushBot and I swear, he called me back withn an hour.
Rather telling, yo?
But I hope I get some props on Sunday. It's kind of morphing into my day on the couch with him. At least I'd like more morphing in that direction.
So what!
I dig the guy.
A lot.
Quit laughing and judging and all that crap you are doing with regard to my weakness for small, smart, slightly-pervy men who have very little time for me.
He's adorable and I can't help thinking it.

At any rate, I'm ready to go home now.
And so,
I think I'll do just that.

arizonasarah at 2:45 p.m.

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