I want...

I am totally standing up for myself at work and it rocks. I mean, other people don't think it rocks but I do. I am asking questions, like, "Why are you asking me to do this a certain way when the task is actually MY responsibility." It's called ownership and I am taking it as firmly as I can from the people who have taken it from me. The one person - she doesn't own her own stuff and so she has to own mine and I am not standing for that anymore.
She has enough time to send a billion reminder emails that I tend to not read and she has time to take over the stuff that is my primary task so she can certainly take the time to answer my questions.
We had a State of the Agency meeting today and every, single thing that I suspected to be an Agency Goal was addressed. The way the Terrible Two are treating is not jiving with where we are supposed to be going as a team, a department, or an agency. They do what they want to do and I make the copies and that's not really what's supposedly going on here.
So, I took tons of notes, have requested a copy of the presentation made this morning, and CAN NOT WAIT to use it in defense of my taking charge of my job. hey - I'm not treading on yours and I'm not closed to your input but you have to let me do my job. Calling "requested changes" "Corrections" is not allowing me to do my job very well. I can sit back and make your copies but then I am in trouble and I am not growing and I am bored and in trouble. I can question you when you steal my work or when you do my work because someone above you is doing your work and at this point, I have been validated in the latter option by the highest of the high management.
So, with great pleasure, I offer to you:
Operation Suck It.
My OSI Mission Statement:
I set forth the intention to do the very best work that I can do, to satisfy every client in any way possible and to take full responsibility for my job tasks. When I am denied that responsibility, I will push as far as I can to get it back and I will require valid reasons as to why someone else is doing the work.

You know, fuck that.
Bottem line?
If they have enough time to make changes on a form letter, call those changes corrections, and ride me when I don't make those changes leter-for-letter then they don't have enough to do. Nobody else in the department has that kind of time and they shouldn't have that kind of time IF they were doing their jobs in the way I have come to understand their jobs.
Fuck I want to go back to school.
I want a boyfriend who doesn't cheat.
I want to be able to eat 6 cream puffs and not get fatter.
I want my cramps to go away.
I want some money.
I want smoking to be good for you.
I want the cats to stop taking monster dookies right as I am leaving the house.
I want a bigger apartment and a Saturn.
I guess I'll go get more water and drink it and kind of feel like maybe it is clearing out my pores or something. I'd still be cool to be lying on the couch and hiding from the world.

arizonasarah at 2:15 p.m.

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