Goooooooood Mooooorning!

4:30 am. A neighbor comes home from the night shift at the hospital to find her house soaked. Wakes her husband.
5:00 am. Thing deteriorate. The problem? A bust in the water main. Directly under the house.
5:30 am. Knocking begins. I am still in bed, making a sweeping motion with my left leg to remove the wanton puppy from my bed. She's trying to play with me that is not going to happen while I am still in bed.
5:45 am. The situation is explained as I begin to see water creeping up everywhere. In the courtyard, n the backyard, in the EVERYWHERE.
There is no Swampette if there is no water. There are no towels. There is no shower. There is no hope for an easy day.

I took the dog to the park, called around at work - I would have called in but I have to do an enrollment meeting about 1.5 hours across town. I had to pack up all my stuff and go to the gym to shower and that sucks. I looked like a homeless person with misfit sunglases and a plastic bag that had some shoes and a razor in it.

Now I am waiting, none too patiently, for a chorizo burrito to arrive for me before I take off to that meeting and then to what I'm sure is going to be a very pleasant afternoon in the the 110 heat with no cooler and no water.
My house is going to smell like New Orleans by the time I get there to get doors and windows open.

arizonasarah at 8:36 a.m.

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