Jesus and Sarah: Scene

Jesus: Sarah, you are one bored little fucker.

Sarah: Yeah. I know. (Hangs head and fiddles with a small twig. Looks away from Jesus.)

Jesus: Do you wanna get some coffee or something?

Sarah: I'm broke as a joke and I'd love to get some coffee but your stupid 'almighty' dad didn't kept the long arm of the law out of my car and so now? I can't AFFORD coffee, Jesus.

Jesus: Well. (Sighs) Are we always going to be talking about your dui? Don't get all indignant. Hold up. I'm serious. Get over it already. It's not like I wouldn't get you a coffee... shit, we could even go down to Epic and see Namoli play tonight if you want.

Sarah: (Looks at Jesus) I don't feel like it. (Rolls eyes)

Jesus: This is pretty much over, isn't it?

Sarah: Yeah. Pretty much. I just.... I need things that you can't give me, you know? (Jesus reacts incredulously) My experimental days are gone, Jesus. I'm living in Grown-Up land now and I don't feel like fucking around with my life right now. I'm clinically lonely and yet my new Sim, Kristin Cavelleri, is more interesting to me than you are. I just... I'm not that into you.

Jesus: Bitch, please. (Rolls eyes) Like I didn't know that. (Stands up and straightens robes and allows for an uncomfortably long silence) Can I at least get a hug? (voice cracks a little)

Sarah: Jesus! Of course! (Hugs Jesus and kind of pats His back.) I'm sorry! Oh my god! I mean... you know... hey! Don't cry (Brushes Jesus' hair away from His face.) We're not on the same path, you know? I want to laze around and play with my dog and read Life & Style incase Nick and Jessica split up and you... you always have to go and listen to people praying! And plus that whole Baby Jesus thing freaks me out. I just think it's weird. Sorry. I mean, in case you didn't notice, you're kind of too BUSY for a relationship with me.

Jesus: (Pulling away and gathering Himself together) I know. I know. I really liked you, is all. We would never work out, would we? (Smiles weakly)

Sarah: (Smiles knowingly) It's cool Jesus. We would never work out. But! We'll always be friends!

Jesus: Oh Sarah. Call me later, okay? I need to ease out of this a little.

Sarah: Sure thing Jesus... whatever you need but you know... we're over okay? We are over.

arizonasarah at 2:54 p.m.

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