The A-P-T

I found The One.
And I got it!

I got my dreamy, perfect, sunny, spacious, location-sweet apartment.

It's like a country cottage in the middle of town.

It's like an oasis.

It's like this:
I went to look at the place and the realtor pulled up at exactly the same time as me.
Not only that, but she knows my employer really well and loves it.

So we walk into the place and she's telling me that she gets calls all the time about holding units and waiting lists and she's telling me that they don't keep a waiting list or anything, THANK GOD.

I walk in and it's freaky-perfect.
There's carpet - no, I know. Apartment Carpet is gross but, ummm... not when it's brand new! It's replaced every time.
And really, after 5 years of cement floors, I am ready to sit on the goddamn floor to watch What About Brian.

It's bright and there's not only an actual kitchen, but that kitchen has a door leading to a fenced yard! The yard is tiny, so I don't have to do anything. I could put a plant in a bucket back there or let the dog dookie pile up until I can't take it any longer and it would all be the same is home small, but fenced, this yard is.
No ambitious vegetation back there to make me itch in the summertime and to look dead and brown in the winter.
I love it!

Next to the kitchen is a bathroom.
Big frick, right?
Au contraire mes amis.
This bathroom, she has a bathtub.

I can come home from practice and run a bath and actually warm up instead of shivering into a shower cap and turning blue when I get out of the shower.
Clean, but blue.

Two bedrooms, which translates to bedroom and office/Sarah's Drunk or Vagabond Tank.
My little friends who've traveled to my perfect apartment will have a place to sleep and my friends who are get a little bit drunky-poo can stumble into my place and hit the sack.

The floor anyway.
You know, since I don't really have furniture.
Maybe I should hold onto my ancient plastic lay-out chaise for guests.
That, or like I said, the floor since there's carpet - new carpet.

Anyway, the only thing wrong so far is that I can't move in tonight.
Otherwise, it's mine!
I was first, I was approved, I will be living in a dream-apartment, that I can more than afford, in a matter of weeks!

It's then that I'll be able to talk about the lack of water pressure, or the surprisingly expensive electric bill, or the 10 second showers because of not having hot water but for now, it's perfect there and I love it.

I will finally live in a place that represents ME.
This is a place where I should be living when I close my eyes and imagine a place that's just right.

I mean.... come on... there's even a park across the street where I can throw the ball for my doglet.

It can't get better than that right now.

arizonasarah at 2:21 p.m.

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