More Nascar Next Year

People, or maybe just me, are started to gear up for rain in my town.
Rain is rare.
Rain is good.
Rain also sucks because while temperatures will not longer be in the 103-108 range, the humidity will probably be higer than 5%.
A lot higher.
Humidity can ruin your life.
It makes me feel goopy and itchy and like I can't breath properly.
It makes me spend entire nights trying to fall asleep but always reporting to cussing out my animals.

Speaking of animals, they are cracking me up lately.
!!!!!!!!!!SPINSTER PARAGRAPH!!!!!!!!!!!
Although recently the Black-Hearted Albino tried to kill Dancer Darling Doglette, they are now getting along famously.
They are particularly bonded over two things:
1. Torturing a stray that lives outside my door and
2. Killing bugs.

There haven't been too many bugs, which is a nice change from previous summers; however, I expect that rain could ruin my run of not seeing gigantor Bubba Ho Tep bugs with any regularity.
But what there have been, my pets have worked togehter to tag team into submission and eventual death, devourment.
It's pretty awesome.

I think I'm going to move to Knxville.
I need a job though.
Email me if you know how to get jobs as this is not my forte.

I love the one I have and am not 100% sure how to go look for a different one that would be sort of the same as this one only in East Tennesse.


arizonasarah at 1:26 p.m.

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