Taking to My Bed

I should just put my head down and cry for a few hours but since I did that last night, I think I'll go ahead and write some shit on my neglected blog.

First, I forgot to tell the Internet about my hideously long day on Sunday.
I had to take a plane, which is always a problem since it never ever is a matter of showing up and things going off the way they should.
We got on the plane.
We got off of the plane.
I checked bags.
I was sore for having driven 3.5 hours on rural Indiana roads in order to get to the airport.
We got back on the plan and sat there for an hour.
We finally took off and landed but we didn't get off of the plane - we sat there for another hour.

During that time, I missed my connection.

This wasn't horrible since I am savvy enough to know that if one single thing goes wrong schedule-wise during your plane trip, you should go ahead and get yourself a seat on the next flight before you even know whether or not you'll need it.

I made the second connection and got home very, very late in the evening.

I knew I wouldn't have bags but the baggage lady told me I had to wait until everything was unloaded.
Again being the clever one, I waited right outside of the baggage lady's door so that I would be first in line.
I did say "I told you so" but I'm not sure she understood me through all of the crying.

So then I get to the long-term parking and I'm thinking, "Ah. Okay. Home, bed."
My car wouldn't drive.
I mean, it would drive but it had no power, the exact same problem that I'd had it in for two weeks ago.

Note that I bought this NEW car on June 13.
Don't note the 13 part, I don't believe in that superstition.
I do believe that a NEW car should not fuck up so royally twice in a month.

Sadly, the dealer doesn't see it that way, even though the service guy told me I should trade the car.

The manufacturer is getting a letter and we'll just see how the dealer sees things after I'm through with the manufacturer.

I have a hunch about this and I'm usually right about these kinds of things.
It will be a battle but don't get too attached to the car I'm driving today, trust me.

I get home and Swampy isn't working.
although it's no longer a million degrees in Tucson, it's still a good solid thousand degrees.

Happy day.

And you know, this is all kind of piled onto the emotional stuff that I had to face and the feelings of being sort of lonelier with someone than I am without him on the line every day.
But there's the fear of being alone, the fear of losing a valued friend forever which..... I want to have a little more faith but that's hard to do under some conditions.

So things start to come back together - my luggage was delivered, swampy got fixed, my car is working again.

But I'm exhausted.
I couldn't make it all the way through practice, even.
I made it through all but the last two drills and I was just done.
Exhausted and over-heated and done.

I'm still tired, the kind of tired where I could go home and go to bed and not wake up until Saturday, then look around at the laundry that needs washing and the carpets the need vacuuming and put the dog outside and go back to bed.

I have a 3 -dayer this weekend and maybe that's what I'll do.

Sleep it off, all of it: the car, the man, the loathing, the fear, the exhaustion, and the tears.

I wish there was someone to bring me soup and movies and candy because I really do think I'll take to my bed for the weekend.

arizonasarah at 12:59 p.m.

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