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I want someone to take over, for realsies, on two key projects:
1. Packing
2. Moving.

Moving, of course, includes but is hardly limited to, finding a place to for me to live.

Although, I got a rare but divinely providential spark of hope today. I spoke to a realtor friend of mine about a neighborhood I was considering,
"Sketchy or not: I can't tell"
"SKETCH CITY!!! College kids and lots of them. The only adult is this crazy Russian guy on the corner of (major intersection) who's lived there for 23 years and he's CRAZY, Sarah - not fun-crazy, LUNATIC-crazy. Plus, your car will get broken into. Repeatedly. Go look over at (major intersection). You want to live around adults. Adults live there and it's not trendy so it's cheap and it's still totally Midtown."

Hold up.

Did she just name the intersection I think she named? The one I have been secretly considering all along but with Which I have no familiarity or contextual background? Seriously? My hunch was right? Can this be happening? It's SO affordable over there! I don't know anybody who lives over there; I don't know anything about it - I've not really looked because of having no frame of reference but she just randomly named it as a probabe hit for me. She knows every inch of Midtown and I do mean every inch.
Can this really be happening?
Can I narrow and focus for to quickly find the most perfectly adorable little wonderful apartment for me and my doglet at (major intersection)?

So.... cancel the one appointment I had and make plans for more driving around tomorrow.
This will at least make doglet extremely happy because, aside from having a ball thrown over and over and over and over, she loves nothing more than driving around with me in Hondie.

I keep thinking I have plans this weekend but I don't, which is good, because that means I've got time to locate potential housing and also time to pack up current housing.

Here's the rub: I don't think I can find a place until February starts. The ones open right now want to rent for February.
This makes sense since, you know, FEBRUARY is the month we're coming up on and not everyone plans three years in advance like I do.
I bet you didn't know that, did you?
I do.
I plan for MONTHS and sometimes like in this case, for years. I knew I was going to move out in March 2007 the day I rented my place.
I figured I might move earlier than that but if I didn't, then the time during which I would find and move to a place that suits me for the next phase would be March 2007.
I often miss crucial parts of planning like saving cash up or doing a bunch of research but I know when I'm going where, howdy, I do.

So I am a little bit frozen by the way rental markets work - 30 days in advance instead of 3,500 days in advance.
But that's cool.
I figure if I don't know where I'm moving by the end of this weekend, it's not such a big deal, as long as I've begun packing.
I figure that if I focus on packing while I'm cooling my jets waiting on the market than it sort of won't matter if I find a place last minute. At that point, it will be a matter of money exchange and loading up a truck full of the Hefty bags into which I will have spent many evenings stuffing my life.
Hey, better my life than my face, yo.

No worries.
Lots of driving and lots of packing.
It's all good.
It's totally cool.
I wish I had the perfect boyfriend who wouldn't do these things for me but who would be totally cool while I freak the hell out.
I wish my mom would come out and tell me where to move and how to pack.
I wish Jillda didn't have manly out-of-town company and she could drive around with me while I freak the hell out.
I wish for this weekend to feel really, really, really long.

arizonasarah at 1:38 p.m.

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